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Congratulations to Members of the Canadian Chestnut Council Who Have Received Awards For Their Efforts!

  • On 1 October 1999, Carolinian Canada presented its first Conservation Award to the Canadian Chestnut Council. The award was accepted by the President of the Canadian Chestnut Council, Dr. Colin D. McKeen.
  • Bruce Graham, Superintendent of the GRCA’s Burford Tree Nursery, was honoured with a Conservancy Award on 25 November 1999 by the Township of Burford Heritage and Tourism Committee. This award recognizes Bruce and the GRCA’s establishment of a replica pioneer building and log cabin – known locally as the Chestnut Museum – at the Burford Nursery.

Carolinian Canada AwardThe award certificate states that the log cabin “graces the land surveyed by Augustus Jones in 1792″. The log cabin and museum was established to show members of the public visiting the Nursery what living accommodations were like in pioneer days and to display artifacts made of Chestnut wood.
The American chestnut is a species of Carolinian tree, earlier threatened by the chestnut blight. It is being reintroduced to Ontario through the Burford Tree Nursery program.

This article was extracted from the Canadian Chestnut Council newsletter (Vol. 2, 2000). Further information is presented in the Grand Actions newsletter, Vol. 5, 2000.

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