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2016 Annual General Meeting


Guest Speakers


Garth Pottruff

Garth Potrtruff

Owner, Grand River Rafting Company


Garth Pottruff has a passion for teaching about the outdoors. He has the ability to walk into any forest and make it a teaching classroom.

His anecdotes and stories create memory pegs for learning plants, trees, wildlife and aboriginal history.

He is a forester, canoe & kayak instructor, as well as an outdoor education teacher for First Nation students at risk.

Garth was raised in the Grand River Valley, studied at Lakehead University and became a forester for Ottawa. He also works with the local prairie grassland restoration projects and prescribed burns.

In 2006 he established a learning adventure company in the Grand River Valley of Southern Ontario called the Grand River Rafting Company.

This company uses rafts as floating classrooms to teach. His theme is "Experiencing Everything Together"... an outdoor learning adventure that is safe for all ages, sizes and skill levels.

His library of staff offer guided paddles by raft, canoe or kayak, First Nations experiences, edible plant-tree hikes, starlight, paddles, how to fish and planning canoe trips.

Corporate groups have discovered his unique team building events from making fire without matches to a pirate buried treasure quest.

For schools that cannot paddle, he has a designed a hiking classroom of experiences. Students can dance & sing with the First Nations, do coyote & owl calling, identify trees & plants... even compete in outdoor survival events.

It fascinates him watching people become like the "Three Blind Mice". They reluctantly leave their watches, silence their pocket gizmos and journey timeless.

As Garth says "people love the outdoors... they want to become part of it... they just need to know how!"



Dr. Danijela Puric-Miadenovic

Danijela Puricmladenovic

BScF: Landscape Architecture and Forestry     (University of Belgrade)
MScF: Landscape Architecture and Forestry    (University of Belgrade)
PhD (University of Toronto)


A Forester, Assistant professor Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto. Danijela works with the Natural History Information Centre , Science and Research Branch, OMNRF.

Her applied science and research work is concerned with developing innovative methods and tools that support strategically-based conservation, management, rehabilitation and restoration of Ontario’s settled and urbanized landscapes.

Her work at the U of T has involved a wide range of research activities.




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