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Current Status In Canada

  • The status of American chestnut in Ontario was reviewed in 1989 for the World Wildlife Fund and, as a result of this review, this species was considered a threatened species in Canada.
  • Largest Chestnut Tree
    One of the largest surviving American chestnut trees in North America, located in central Nova Scotia
    The status of American chestnut was reviewed again in 1999-2000 and a recovery plan for this species was developed. This Recovery Plan has been reviewed by provincial and federal agencies. (see also Recovery Plan)
  • Currently “The American Chestnut is listed as an endangered species under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act, 2007. This Act protects the tree from being collected, killed or harmed. The Natural Heritage component of the Provincial Policy Statement under Ontario’s Planning Act provides for the protection of significant habitat of threatened species.”
  • See: type=fact&id=27
  • In Ontario, there is a wide occurrence of Chestnut stump sprouts surviving cycles of Blight dieback and regrowth. As well, there are a number of woodlots with large healthy trees that appear to have escaped Chestnut blight so far. The number of large healthy trees appears to be greater in Ontario than elsewhere throughout the Chestnut’s natural range.
  • These surviving trees represent an important source of Chestnut germplasm that is adapted to Ontario conditions, and has been the primary source of nuts for collection and distribution of new seedlings. These trees will also be used in the disease resistance breeding program being initiated by the CCC.